Is Your Handwriting Horrible?

Perhaps you are a physician and you are embarrassed about your handwriting.

Has anyone described your penmanship as chicken scratch, scribble, or worse than a third grader?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be fixed.

Slow down and remember the 3 C’s

  • Clear- Make your letters and code clear. Use Upper Case and lower case letters instead of ALL CAPS. Your Upper Case letters should be the same height, and your lower case letters should be the same height. Practice making your letters angled in the same way…..around 50-55 degrees.  Round letters do not have straight lines.
  •  Concise- Use concise words. Enough said.
  • Correct- Learn a new word every day and practice spelling.

Watch the following video to see how to write a basic English Round hand.

Here is a roundhandworksheet PDF you can download and print.

Confidence a little lacking? Print this Alphabet and put it under tracing paper.


After 5-10 minutes of tracing a day for a few days, you will be ready to do it on your own.

Send pictures of your progress to me at Leave comments below.



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