Pop-up Engraving Shop

College Bourbon Barrelhead laser engraved. 22″ diameter approx. 12lbs

This past week I took my eldest son to his college orientation. Two days were spent listening to everything the university had to offer, how difficult and demanding engineering would be, navigating class selection and how much everything would cost. Many things have changed since my college years, but one thing has stayed the same. Pride and Spirit. The pride and spirit was palpable, it exuded from staff and student alike. As a father and engraver I walked through the gift shop thinking

  1. All this generic stuff could be personalized
  2. I’m going to engrave all my son’s engravable things so it doesn’t get confused with his roommate’s belongings and finally,
  3. I am going to talk to administration about a pop-up engraving shop. How many med and nursing students would love to have their stethoscopes engraved? Band members, cell phones, expensive equipment, metal key rings…..the list goes on. Go Cats!

Do you have a student going to college? Where are they going? Do you think a pop-up engraving shop is a good idea? Answer in the comment section below.

Written by Christopher Grunch

Certified  Engraver of Calligraphy


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